Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Check it Out

If you haven't already heard the blog Story of My Life is doing a feature on a Deuce necklace as well as offering a promo code! This blog is so sweet (and the lady behind it is even sweeter). Check out the blog here

This is Jenni from the blog Story of My Life

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Monday, May 21, 2012

Something Funny...

If you watch Portlandia then you will love this clip!  It may just be a North West thing, but I have a feeling everyone will get a good laugh.  Hope you had a Happy Monday!
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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Coming Soon...

Here's a little sneak peek on what's to come this summer from Deuce.  Lately I've really been loving skulls.  Pictured is gold skull on a simple teal bead thread finished with gold crimp beads.  This bracelet will also come in a silver version on mustard bead thread.

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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

What You Love ♥

Do What You Love. Love What You Do.

To celebrate the "Almost 1,000 Sales" mark on Etsy Deuce is having a SALE!  Use the promo code DF2012 and receive 25% OFF your entire Deuce order!  Sale ends 5/21/2012 so get it while you can.  A huge thank you to all the Deuce fans for allowing me to do what I love. ♥  It means the world to me.

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Tuesday, May 15, 2012


It is official!  Summer is on the way!  Well at least in Seattle it feels like it.  And I guess when I say "is on the way" I mean that lightly.  It has been sunny here in the rainy city the last four days IN A ROW!  This is huge!  Like throw on some shorts, Havaianas and a tank top huge (you rarely ever get to wear these clothing items here).  I know what you are thinking, four days?  But remember Grey's Anatomy, Sleepless in Seattle?  We get a lot of rain.  Don't get me wrong, I love the rain.  I get a lot done when it rains.  And I'm pretty sure that is why so many huge companies are started in Seattle (Starbucks, Boeing, Microsoft) because you have plenty of rainy days to work.  Ok, but really I'm getting off track.  Yes, I am excited about the nice summer weather, however I am more excited about Deuce's new Summer 2012 Collection.  About two weeks ago I dropped off 30 new pieces to our favorite photographer Kevin Belford so he can work his magic.  Hopefully they'll be coming back soon.  This year I did two collections.  One is sort of neon craziness, while the other is more romantic pastels.  Both are amazing (and I don't say this lightly).  Can't wait for you guys to see them.  Below are some sample photos to show you the contrasting colors between the two collections. 

Neon Craziness

Romantic Pastels

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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

30% Off?

Yes, I have been MIA for some time now, but I swear it was all for you (I've been preparing Deuce's 2012 Summer Collection).  I sincerely apologize and hope you can forgive me.  You forgive me?  Ok, awesome, that was easy.  To make up for my time missed on Deuce's blog I want to do a super secret sale on Etsy for all my blog followers (you gotta be a follower for this sale).  What do you say 30% off with the promo code IMSORRY?  Lol, I had to use it. :)  Promo ends 5/11/2012.  From now on I'll try to keep things more up to date on this little form of social media.  I'm promise. Scout's honor.
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