Thursday, January 26, 2012

Collar Me Bad

Gold Tribal Inspired Shield Necklace by DEUCE

I know, I know the collar trend has been going on since fall 2011, and yet designers continue to come up with unique designs.  If there is one statement necklace you need that will take you through the entire year it is a lovely little collar.  Deuce is currently photographing its latest collars that will be available in gold and silver.  Yes, you heard it... silver!  This is such a big deal because usually I don't do silver jewelry.  I'm just not a silver kinda girl.  Which does not mean you can't be.  I actually have a ton of requests for pieces in silver.  Two of the collars Deuce will be carrying are in the Peter Pan style (see photo 6), while others are more of a stone/chain mix.  Think feldspar, amazonite, marble, and jasper. 
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