Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Crave: Ranjana Khan


I'm what some would describe as being a Looky-Loo.  I don't want to say I spend a lot of time online looking at new products, fashion blogs, food recipes, DIY tutorials, jewelry... But I do.  So in honor of me (and you of course) I have decided to create a Crave post once a week for your reading pleasure.  Sorta a way I can dish about my favorite products and day dream about some on my wish list.  So this week I want to talk about a current jewelry crave.  Her name is Ranjana Khan and I'm in love with her.  She currently resides at Anthoropologie in the form of earrings.  From what I can tell, Khan seems to have a pretty in depth knowledge of embroideries (you can totally see this in her designs), and has worked with Gaultier, Ebaz, and McQueen (no biggie).  The price point is a little high for me, but her work is A M A Z I N G with a capital A.  I'm thinking maybe I could possibly convince myself in purchasing a set of her earrings for my wedding?  I'm ending that with a question mark because I'm basically looking for your approval.  I swear I'd wear them after the wedding and promise they would get a ton of use all year long.  They would take you through every season.  It would be an investment piece.  Please, please, please!?  Glad I got your approval.  Now I only have to decide which pair...  What do you think?
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  1. Well that is a very difficult choice indeed (I also checked out ALL of Ranjana Khan's gorgeous earrings (many cost less than $50 - and some even under $25!

    However, we are talking about YOUR WEDDING (!) so a splurge is not only permissible - it's positively essential!

    Both pairs are stunning - but after prolonged and thoughtful consideration - my vote goes to the Diya Chandeliers - probably because I have such a weakness for any shade of blue and the shape/design just appeals to me more.

    That said - you absolutely can't go wrong with either pair!

    Congratulation on your big, special day - and any pair of earring will be honored and blessed to be worn by you!


  2. Great choice! Now that I think about it... it could be my something blue. :) Thank you for your kind words. Best to you and yours.

    - Jamie

  3. Hey Jamie,
    Delighted and honored if I could be of any help in making such an enormous decision - it should help knowing whatever you decide will be marvelous and just right... Have you decided yet?

    Things do have a way of working themselves out exactly the way they are suppose to:

    I use to cater a lot of weddings (kind of including my own!) and I know how brides do worry and want everything to be just PERFECT...

    But the truth ia - what you really want is that it will be ALMOST Perfect - with just enough "flaw" / "fault" to be/make memories right there on the spot! (You do want lots of good stories to tell and memories to savor and share... Right?

    In any and all cases - Congratutions and all best wishes always and allways...

    Jesselyn Anderson

    1. Haven't decided yet, although I'm still loving the blue set. I think once I get my dress (March 3) I will have a better idea. Thank you for all your wonderful insight!