Friday, March 9, 2012

DIY Friday

Socktopus Pattern


1. Two pairs of socks.
2. Button eyes, buttons for tentacles, any accessories, and stuffing.
3. Scissors, sewing thread, needle, and sewing machine (optional).

Step One

Cut first pair down the ankle portion and stop cutting before you hit the heel. Sew the two separate legs together. Stuff foot (body) and legs with stuffing. Sew hole between legs.

Step Two

Cut out 6 more legs from the remaining three socks (from ankles). Sew pieces together to form legs. Sew legs to body of octopus.

Step Three

Here's the fun part!!! Sew on button eyes, buttons on legs (tentacles)and add any other personal touches. In the picture above, our socktopus has a crown and a cigarette. Hehe. Enjoy!!
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