Friday, March 30, 2012


Messy Bob

So, this DIY is very personal... I received a haircut back in February that I LOVED, went back to the same stylist and she took a little too much off. Like two inches in some areas. That's a lot in short hair world. When I woke up I was still bummed out, but looked up a few looks on my computer. One look I love is Alexa Chung's short tousled bob. I then Researched a few steps on how to achieve this look.


Wash hair and then towel dry. Remember: Do not brush or comb hair. This will break up the natural curl in your hair.


Add a product that will protect your hair from heat. Like Aveda's Smooth Infusion. Then add a mouse or creme that will help hold curl.


Twist pieces of hair in fingers to help and assist in curl. Twist some towards your face and some away.


Here's the hard part... Waiting for it to dry! Be patient. Wait as long as you possibly can. If you can't wait any longer (and need to go to work), break out the diffuser and scrunch hair while dryer is on a low setting and high heat.


Once hair is dry, go through with a curling iron and fix any pieces that look out of place.  Finish off with hair spray.

Good Luck! I'm letting my hair dry as we speak. I will try and post pictures of the end product.
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  1. I love her hair! I have waist length hair right now and on more than a few occasions I've been thiiiis close to chopping it all off like hers! I wasn't brave enough but maybe in the summer... who knows. Have fun with your new hair!!