Thursday, April 5, 2012

Eggs on the Brain

Lately I've seen so many unique ideas for decorating
Easter eggs I just had to share them...
Tattoo Eggs

Dip Dye Eggs

Doodle Eggs
Message Egg

Glitter Egg

Click on photos for links on how-to 
H♥ppy E♥ster!

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  1. These are SOOO beautiful!It's so great to see new ideas, the same ol' dyed eggs can get pretty boring and predictable.Thanks for sharing! ( I might even do an Easter post on my results if I get creative this weekend!)

    1. I will for sure check it out! For me Saturday will be dedicated to decorating eggs. I'll post pics as well. :)

  2. Love these! Especially the gold sparkly one!
    I have just found your blog through your Etsy shop (which I love!) and am now following your blog. ALSO! I wanted to let you know I featured your Zebra Jasper Fan necklace on my blog today and wanted to check that's ok with you...I hope it is, but if not, please let me know and I'll remove it immediately. you can see it here:
    Thanks! Jo :)

    1. And I am now following your blog! :) Thanks for the love! I'll post the link to Deuce's FB and send more readers your way! Thanks Jo!

  3. OMG i am obsessed!! love this!!! so cool! the egg with the glitter coming out ahhh! i think im going to pin it! LOVE your blog! and your jewelry!!! new follower for sure!!!

    xx Kelly

  4. the neon ones are cool and who doesn't love a glittered filled egg.. I mean that's just pure awesomeness!