Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The Certain Emotions Collection

Finally it is here!  The Fall/Winter 2012 Collection!  Yes, I know it took much, much longer than hoped for (but hey I had a wedding in September).  So let this be my one time get out of jail free card.  Now onto the collection...

Of all the collections I've designed over the seasons this by far is the one I'm most proud of.  When I look at all the pieces they stir "certain emotions" within me.  Thus how the name was found.  I really tried pushing myself on this collection in order to make myself standout as an artist (I hate getting lost in a crowd).  Every piece I love and was designed to be uniquely beautiful.  I wanted Deuce fans to wear a piece and it to be sorta of a subtle bold that stood out and was a conversation starter.  Lets be honest, every woman loves when you wear something and a stranger asks where did you get that?  For me these pieces raise the where did you get that question.  Here are a few favorites I had to share...

All of these pieces (and more) will be available 10/25/2012 here.  
Photos by Kevin Belford 

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